Viddal Riley Is in No Hurry to Be the Best

People like quick fame no matter how much they deny their love for it. However, only a few are able to keep this craze at bay.  The one boxer that’s making sports news headlines due to his take on quick fame is Viddal Riley.

He hasn’t been beaten yet, but those victories haven’t filled him with pride at all. He likes the traditional route of reaching the top and he is going to stick tenaciously to his plan.

To Be a Champion at 28

Riley is in no hurry and doesn’t want to try any cheap tactics to be famous. He already has a plan to wait until he is 28 years old before he has that World Championship title in his hands.

He was active for nearly 20 months but this year has been very active for him. He is now preparing for his fight against Ross McGuigan, which is just around the corner.

What makes this fight on November 12 special is that Riley’s opponent is also an unbeaten player. Who he is boxing against or how he wins doesn’t affect his attitude towards his career.

Riley wants to go slow and take one step at a time to become the champion. He said that he doesn’t want to be too quick with this career and is alright with approaching the World Championship only when he is 28.

Jake Paul vs. Viddal Riley

Jake Paul, who was once a YouTuber but now likes to call out boxers, has commented on Viddal Riley. Jake thinks Riley could be a great next opponent for him, but his fame, following, and the pressure of the internet don’t seem to have bothered Riley at all.

He was content at the fact that he was mentioned, but there is nothing more to it for him. Riley wants to stay focused and avoid anything that derails him from his chosen path.

The cruiser weight said he wanted to be focused despite the fact that he agreed money was one of the reasons for fighting. However, without disclosing much, he did mention another cause behind his boxing career.

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